The legacy
of 2M

Master carpentry

2M has more than 55 years of experience in master carpentry.

That means:

  • Craftmanship and innovation
  • Precise and sophisticated furniture production
  • Veneer work of the highest quality
  • Perfectly varnished surfaces
  • Curved parts and mold construction
  • Model assembly and prototype construction
  • Innovation as well as efficient and economical implementation

Some of the many reason to call us today!

Get to the heart of 2M: Craftmanship, perfection and innovation

Innovation and know-how

A tour of the world of 2M.

Know-how, innovation and more than 55 years of experience bring results. Reach new heights with 2M!

  • Creation, construction, implementation
  • Variety and competence in materials
  • Project planning, processing, coordination and logistics
  • Product development and prototype construction
  • Design and sustainability

Our highlights:

  • International trade fair booth construction
  • Aviation
  • Media equipment and studio construction

2M know-how through innovation


Constantly striving for innovation is the core of 2M's philosophy.

Decades of expertise in:

  • Materials
  • Forms
  • Colors
  • Structures
  • Surfaces
  • Functions
  • Technology
  • Implementation

Make use of our expertise to help in your everyday work, your everyday surroundings, your everyday home.

The kind of expertise that 2M offers can't simply be bought, it comes from 65 years of hard work and industry experience.

Ing. Michael Müllner


Bring 2M's years of experience into your project!

We are happy to advise, assist with labor and production, solve your problems, as well as share our extensive networking contacts

  • Materials and color consultancy
  • Technical preparations
  • Development of prototypes
  • Objective and unbiased assessments
  • Damage assessments and documentation
  • Technical implementation and damage solution

Founded in material, design and function.

To us, 2M service is an attitude, not just a buzzword


When it comes to 2M, don't expect just good service, expect great service.

Your satisfaction is our mission.

2M service goes far beyond just your furniture or product, is comprehensive and our goal is to inspire you.

  • Design and development
  • Offer and planning
  • presentation
  • Shipping and assembly
  • Follow-up support
  • Sample service

Estimates Our estimates are in-depth, transparent, and outline the differences between our technical equipment to that of our competitors.

Follow-up support You receive your furniture but never get a follow-up call? Not with us! Every furniture still feels a bit like ours.

Clean assembly After delivery and assembly, all that's left behind is a beautiful new piece of furniture. No mess. No fuss.

Meeting deadlines We meet out deadlines, unlike many of our competitors.

Planning We plan, you plan, our network partners plan – 2M quality and 2M know-how.

Drafts / 3D planning From drafting to 3D rendering, we are here to serve you. From the birth of your ideas, all the way to their culmination. We offer our experience, competence and expertise, and put it into your personal 2M furniture (product)